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Cedarwood Lodge GPS Coordinates (loc)
Actual Readings
49 15.900' N
124 50.322' W
49 15'54" N
124 50'19.3" W
Coordinate Translation @ http://www.jeeep.com/details/coord/
Topo Map Street Map

-- WGS 84 (NAD 83) --

The WGS-84 (NAD-83) datum is mainly used by the Global Positioning System (GPS). Up-to-date USGS maps use NAD-83 (which is the same as WGS-84). Even though GPS's use WGS-84, they can translate that data to most any map datum. If you're using a map, make sure your GPS is using the same datum.

Latitude Longitude
DMS 4915'54" N 12450'19.3" W
MinDec 4915.9 -12450.321666
DegDec 49.265 -124.838694
Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
Zone Easting (meters) Northing (meters)
10 366231 5458541

-- NAD 27 --
Latitude Longitude
DMS 4915'54.7" N 12450'14.4" W
MinDec 4915.911666 -12450.239999
DegDec 49.265194 -124.837333
Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
Zone Easting (meters) Northing (meters)
10 366326 5458342

The NAD-27 datum is used by most USGS maps. This data can be as much as 200 meters difference from WGS-84 (NAD-83) datum of the exact same coordinate.

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